We all form connections with music and lyrics. They tell stories, create moods, and paint pictures in our minds. We all interpret lyrics in different ways, and that’s what makes music so personal. 

But what happens if you remove the personal and see songs through a less subjective perception? Lucid Lyrics is an artistic examination of how machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) interpret song lyrics. This is done by feeding a line of lyrics directly into the AI with no other prompting, and taking its interpretative results to use as a basis for the artwork.  

These images are created with the assistance of MidJourneyAI. The resulting scenes are all creatively guided and hand touched in some way by myself, the artist, Walter Arnold. These scenes are not altered drastically from the AI’s output, but I do develop all the images individually in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and OnOne software. I will occasionally take artistic liberties with compositing elements from different AI renders of the same set of lyrics, after all, this is a creative and artistic project at its core. But never-the-less, all the visual elements are AI-generated.

The musicians featured in this series are a mix of my favorite artists, with a handful of popular and more well-known artists and songs thrown in. I plan to continue to grow this project significantly over the coming months, so check back often. This is only the beginning…

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Kate Bush - Running up that Hill _there_is_thunder_in_our_hearts_4b73822b-021f-4e14-ac5d-b

About the Artist

Walter Arnold is a self-taught digital artist and fine art photographer born in Tallahassee, Florida in 1981. Walter grew up in a creative and artistic family and spent most of his childhood in Elmira, New York. After living for years in Florida he settled in Hendersonville, North Carolina and now calls the mountains home.

Walter is primarily known for his photographic series The Art of Abandonment, and can usually be found wandering around a derelict historic building somewhere. 

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Lyrical Interpretations 
by Walter Arnold